We just won a case in the Board of Immigration Appeals.

We filed a motion to reopen a removal order for a client who had two Deferred Entry of Judgment guilty pleas. Both cases were dismissed after successful completion. But, at least one of the convictions was not eliminated for immigration purposes even though dismissed under state law.

After he was removed, we filed two motions to withdraw the guilty pleas pursuant to new Penal Code section 1203.43. They were granted by the Superior Court of California, Monterey County. Then, we filed a motion to reopen. It was granted today. Now my client, who was a lawful permanent resident before his removal can get his green card back and stay in the country with his children.

Please let me help you if you were removed on account of a DEJ plea of guilty in California. I helped draft P.C. 1203.43 which was effective Jan. 1, 2016. Now I am pleased that this new law has helped me reunite my client with his family.