Trust Us - Your "Shithole" Lawyers

Today's post was going to be reflective, discussing the role of immigrants in our society, and how their contributions are not overshadowed by the crimes they commit - which are *in fact* committed at lower rates than native-born U.S. citizens. It's true, read it here.

However, that changed yesterday in light of the president's words about brown and black populations. He called them people from "shithole countries." It's clear that we are now at war with a president who considers people from all over the globe - including El Salvador, Haiti, Nigeria, all of Africa - in other words... people of color... to be undesirable for entry to the U.S. and participation in our nation and its values.

WE. STAND. WITH. YOU. Do not ever believe you are not worthy of participating in the U.S. because of the country you are from. Who you are - the actions you take and decisions you make - define you. Not your country of origin.

In fact, we own that badge. If you are from a shithole country, then consider us your shithole lawyers. We are shithole proud to represent you and we will do whatever it takes to prevent you from shithole deportation.

Call our office today. We promise to use professional language, because even when this administration goes low, we go high.