Our firm represents individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offense and now need to vacate that conviction because they are facing removal (deportation) from the United States. We will investigate your criminal record, and see if there is any basis for going back into criminal court and getting rid of your conviction.

For example, if the court did not advise you when you pleaded guilty or no contest that your conviction could cause immigration problems, there may be a way to vacate the conviction.


Also, if your criminal defense attorney told you that you would not have problems with immigration by pleading guilty, or failed to discuss with you the immigration-safe pleas, we may be able to petition the criminal court to vacate your conviction because of your attorney’s ineffective assistance.

We handle:

  • Motions for withdrawal of plea

  • Motions to vacate if there is no record of proper immigration advisements by the court 

  • Petitions for a writ of habeas corpus in California Superior Courts based on ineffective assistance of counsel. 

  • Expungements 

  • Reductions of convictions from a felony to a misdemeanor


If you or someone you know has a criminal conviction and you think that it might be a problem for immigration authorities, contact us for a consultation appointment, or call (831) 425-5757.

If you are an attorney and would like to inquire about the availability of post-conviction relief for your client, please view our Information for Attorneys page