2015 Immigration Legislation in California

AB 899 (Levine) Juvenile Confidentiality: Protects immigrant children by safeguarding their records from unauthorized disclosure to federal immigration officials that may result in a child’s deportation.

AB 900 (Levine) Extension of Probate Jurisdiction to Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Children Aligns California law with federal immigration law to allow for the maximum number of youth in California to receive humanitarian relief through the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) Visa.

AB 1343 (Thurmond) Ensuring Due Process for Immigrant Defendants: Avoids unintended immigration consequences, like detention, deportation, and citizenship eligibility, by requiring defense counsel to provide accurate and affirmative advice and defense against such consequences. Both the prosecution and defense must contemplate immigration consequences in order to reach a just and fair resolution.

AB 1352 (Eggman) Preventing Unintended Immigration Consequences for Rehabilitated Immigrants: Ends unintended immigration consequences for immigrants who successfully complete deferred entry of judgment programs, which are alternatives to court proceedings that allow offenders to participate in drug rehabilitation treatments.

SB 674 (De León & Atkins) Immigrant Victims of Crime Equity Act: Ensures all immigrant victims of crime in California have the opportunity to apply for the federal Victim of Crime Visa (U-Visa) if they were victims of a qualifying crime and have been helpful in the investigation or prosecution of that crime.


AB 60 (Gonzalez) Thwarting Immigration Services Fraud: Protects Californians from immigration attorneys and consultants demanding an advanced payment for services related to a pending immigration reform acts, such as President Obama’s executive actions. It also requires service providers to furnish to the client a toll free 1-800 number that can be called to report the practitioner to the State Bar of California in cases of fraud.

AB 622 (Roger Hernandez) Protecting Immigrant Workers from Unscrupulous Employers: Strengthens state Labor Code protections for all workers by limiting misuse of E-Verify and creating penalties for abuse by unscrupulous employers.

SB 4 (Lara) Health Care for All: Extends access to healthcare coverage to all Californians, regardless of immigration status. The bill will expand Medi-Cal to include individuals who would qualify for enrollment in the program based on their income but who are denied based on their immigration status.

SB 10 (Lara) Office of New Americans: Establishes the California Office of New Americans within the Governor’s office to ensure that California has a comprehensive approach to immigrant integration, including coordinating multiagency, multi-sector efforts on immigration relief options, naturalization services, and civic engagement efforts.

SB 600 (Pan) Civil Rights Protection for California’s Immigrants: Addresses ongoing discrimination against immigrants by amending the Unruh Civil Rights Act to make it unlawful for business establishments to discriminate against a person on the basis of their immigration status, citizenship, or language.