Collateral Consequence Letters for Criminal Defendants

Let me help you defend against adverse immigration consequences with a "Collateral Consequences" letter in criminal court.

District Attorneys frequently request "Collateral Consequences" letters, especially in Santa Clara County, from attorneys representing noncitizen defendants. I have written dozens of these letters for criminal defense counsel to use with district attorneys.

I first do a thorough interview with the client to determine immigration status, prior convictions, immigration consequences of a conviction, immigration relief, travel issues, and priorities. Then, I write a letter setting forth my qualification, immigration status of client, charge, prior convictions, immigration consequences, and recommendations.

I have found that these letters are extremely helpful and, I criminal counsel have had a great success in getting District Attorneys to follow my advice and recommendations. Countless clients have been spared deportation and inadmissibility.

If you are a defendant with a criminal case anywhere in California, let me help you with a "collateral consequences" letter.

If you are a criminal defense attorney anywhere in California, let me help you obtain an immigration neutral disposition on the criminal case.

Phone my office at (831) 425-5757 to set up a "Collateral Consequence" letter.