Deportation Defense--we never stop fighting!

We just had a recent success which shows how we never stop fighting when it comes to deportation defense.

Our client was detained by ICE after completing a prison sentence for theft offenses. We were told it was an "aggravated felony"--mandatory deportation, mandatory detention without bond. A total loser of a case.

First, we got our client released because she had major health problems.

Second, we found that she was eligible for 212(h) relief despite her aggravated felony based on a case we won in the Ninth Circuit.

Third, we then found that she was eligible for cancellation of removal because a new Supreme Court case and then a Ninth Circuit case changed the law to make her theft aggravated felony a non-aggravated felony under federal and California law.

We just obtained cancellation of removal relief for our client. Because her crimes were committed because of an abusive relationship, the ICE attorney did not even object to relief.

It seemed unimaginable in the beginning of the case to think that we would win. But, we never stopped fighting.

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