Immigration Judges under Attack

In another unsurprising move by our beleaguered Attorney General, a memo was released earlier this week outlining future goals for the Immigration Court system known as EOIR:

First, notice how this Administration - rather than using its resources to compile data and create a bottom-up solution to the problem of backlogged courts - issues a top-down directive in the form of a memo, again treating this country and its policies like a corporation.

But the real problem is the text of the memo. There are 2 glaring problems.

(1) The memorandum calls for a quota system to be used by judges, which the memo refers to as "performance measures." Justice and a blanket policy of deciding cases A.S.A.P. do not go together. In fact, our law office has compiled a list of every criminal court currently subject to a quota system, which you can find here.

(2) The memorandum calls for a closer relationship between judges and immigration prosecutors. The line between the person arguing you should be deported, and the person deciding whether you should be deported, is already razor-thin. Session's response is a proverbial "hold my beer" while finding ways to make that line even thinner.

If you find yourself in deportation proceedings, or want to know the risk of finding yourself there some day, please contact our office. It's important to have the best help possible in these tough and uncertain times.