Return of the DACA

For those of you who missed last week's news, DACA is back! The 9th Circuit (covering California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and other western states) issued an order directing the federal government to restore DACA. Many immigration attorneys - including us! - decided to hold off on submitting any applications until immigration issued a statement.

Well, now they have.

Here are the 3 Most Important Points about DACA:

One, DACA is back under its original terms, which means anyone whose last DACA expired September 5, 2016 or later should submit a renewal application NOW.

Two, first-time applicants cannot request DACA now for the first time. But anyone who had DACA which expired September 4, 2016 or earlier should submit an initial application NOW. For this, you will need to fill out forms plus include evidence of presence in the U.S. on particular dates.

Third, advanced parole applications will not be accepted. Forget about Form I-131, and focus on the rest of your application.

In a nutshell, the 9th Circuit court order means...anybody who had DACA at any point in time can apply for DACA protection now, even if it was expired for a long time.

For information on how to apply, and what kind of evidence you need in a renewal application versus an initial one, call us today and book your consult now!