Thomas Homan, Head of ICE, No One's Hero

Groundhog Day is about a month away, and yet, every day I wake up and feel like I'm dreaming - with every bit of news about the leaders of this country throwing away our values and the rule of law.

Thomas Homan, the head of ICE, speaking to Fox News, said he wants all politicians in sanctuary cities to be arrested and charged with crimes.

Let's outline what this whole sanctuary policy means - states like California enforce state law (so do cities). The federal government enforces federal law. That's why, for example, when you get caught speeding on the highway - you get pulled over by local police, not the FBI. Respecting the difference between state and federal law is a *key* feature of our entire government.

But this Administration wants to turn the rule of law on its head. What they want is for state jails to continue holding someone past their sentence, so that ICE can come and pick them up from jail. So if you got a 10 day sentence for something like a DUI well then guess what - ICE wants to extend your sentence longer - and without a hearing, judge, or attorneys being involved.

Worse, now ICE is saying that state officials who follow the law should be charged with a crime. What crime? Under what statute? He doesn't say because it is complete nonsense. If ICE is allowed to impose this on the entire U.S., then in the future, the governor of Virginia could throw the Governor of Oregon in jail for not enforcing Virginia law. It's ludicrous and has no place in our system.

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