Visa Revoked for DUI? What to Do Now?

The State Department has a new policy: if you get arrested (yes arrested--not even convicted!) for a DUI, the U.S. conulate in your country of origin will issue a "prudential revocation of your visa."

This does not mean that you are automatically out of status or have to leave the U.S. But, it does mean that when you return for a vacation or stamping of your passport you will not be allowed a renewal of your visa (or a change in your visa) until you attend a medical exam to determine if you are likely to commit any more DUI's.

Don't just ignore it. Don't assume you will easily pass the medical exam.

Call my office for a consultation (over the phone or in person) so I can assist you in taking the steps necessary to make sure you have a very strong chance of passing the medical exam. We handle cases throughout the U.S. on this issue.

Don't risk your career without finding out what you need to do to pass the exam. Phone us at (831) 425-5757 and ask for a consultation with us about a "Visa Revocation letter for a DUI."