We Just Did a Presentation on new P.C. 1473.7

I just presented on new P.C. 1473.7 effective Jan. 1, 2017 with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center to immigration and criminal attorneys as an expert on post-conviction relief.

This new law allows noncitizens to file a motion to vacate a conviction based on failure of an attorney to advise or defend against immigration consequences, or for failure of the noncitizen to meaningfully understand the immigration consequences of a plea. This new law allows a motion to be filed even if the defendant is no longer serving a sentence or on probation or parole.

I also spoke about other post-conviction relief including new P.C. 18.5 (motion to reduce a 365 day sentence to a 364 day sentence), P.C. 1203.43 (motion to vacate a DEJ plea of guilty based on misinformation); P.C. 64 (motion to dismiss certain marijuana convictions based on legal invalidity); P.C. 1080 (motion to withdraw plea within 6 months of judgment if imposition of sentence suspended), and other types of post-conviction relief.

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